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Country style resort:  Rest and relax in a natural environment amongst trees, streams, and mountains in an atmosphere of a serene jungle resort. There are natural animal and insect sounds along with the sound of rippling water to make your vacation special and memorable.


            A large easy to see wooden sign is located in the front of the resort, which is a symbol of the resort,
showing the way into the car park. From the car park, there is a path made from dark colored stones leading to the
entrance of each cottage.  Large and leafy trees are situated on either side along with green lawns resembling a jungle
atmosphere. This is at the front zone of the resort where the air conditioned rooms and restaurant is located. 


Crossing a wooden bridge to the other side of Ulong stream  lies the camping site. The fan cooled rooms are located on the bank of the stream.  There are 3 large halls , small and large campfire sites.

Country resort in a peaceful jungle style with the natural sounds of insects and animal offering a setting for complete relaxation.
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