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Resort Preview
 A country style resort nestled on the banks of a gently flowing stream. A simple jungle atmosphere with hospitable wooden cottages; surrounded filled with the sounds of nature for your listening pleasures during your stay at Ban Huay Ulong.
Accommodation The exterior of the wooden cottages are strongly made from stone and natural looking slabs of wood to give them a rustic look. The simple interior of highly polished wooden panels looks lavishly, with a glow from yellow lighting along with all the modern amenities ; air conditioning, fan, TV, hot water heater.
Activities Many fun loving activities for you to experience. You can choose from soft to highly strenuous activities. We have many tours ranging from light to demanding to suit your age ; offroad tour to waterfalls, elephant riding, bamboo rafting, camping, flying fox, cave exploring and abseiling.
Rate & Packages Inexpensive package of activities including lodging, all meals, along with your chosen activities or a package with accommodations and meals or only lodging are not as expensive as you may think.
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Active tours along a new byway following the mountainous contour full of curves climbing up to Thongphapum district or better known as Switzerland of Thailand. You will experience a jungle environment in a cool misty atmosphere.

Restaurant Dine to your heart content with scrumptious and traditional dishes. Extraordinary dishes include Vietnamese; Naem Nuang, Tender Leg of Pork, Vietnamese Bankun, and fried eggs in Vietnamese pan, along with many other hot, spicy, delicious delicacies dishes. Enjoy your dining in the luxurious environment of a country style restuarant beside the stream.
How To Go You can travel in the comfort of buses leaving the Mor Chit terminal to Chedi Sam Ong Border. Just close your eyes for five hours and you will awake up in front of the resort. Or you can have a pleasurable drive taking in the beautiful replica rolex scenery. It is very easy to find us. Just follow the map.

UPDATE from Ban Huay Ulong :  

  1. Dont miss!! the special activities during the rainy season abseiling from waterfall brought back by popular demand from daring adventurers.
  2. Room with fan in Zone C has been remodeled with private bathroom and a small patio in the back has been added. These rooms are presently available for your enjoyment with the original concept "Come to Thongphapoom and stay at Ban Huay Ulong".
  3. Ban Huay Ulong is one restore featured in Unseen Paradise Episode 2.
  4. Ban Huay Ulong can receives GSM , Dtac ,True Move signals.
  5. Free !!! Wifi Internet  for every internet lovers.
  6. GPS  N 14.78973  E 098.67014

Conditions for staying :
       *   All pets is not allowed in Resort.
        *   Forbidden to cook in Resort.



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